Sendchamp 2.0: Marketing features moving to Bodsquare

Sendchamp will be moving all marketing features to Bodsquare (A product of Sendchamp) as we focus on building a more extensive Communication platform for businesses.
Sendchamp 2.0 update

Since we started Sendchamp, your feedback and reviews have been instrumental to our growth which is why we work daily to ensure we improve the efficiency and reliability of our product.

Following our recent update on Sendchamp 2.0, we are pleased to let you know that as part of our 2.0 transition, we will be making key changes to ensure our product helps your business achieve its goals even more.

From Today, October 11, 2022, we will be moving all marketing features to Bodsquare(A product of Sendchamp) while Sendchamp focuses on building and exposing more extensive communication services over APIs and with a more robust dashboard for your technical teams.

However, we are not leaving you high and dry. Bodsquare allows you to support your customers across several channels in addition to the marketing features we are moving. This means you will still be able to achieve all your marketing and support goals without having to write a single line of code or any technical skill.

We look forward to building more valuable tools to give you access to more insights, channels, and communication services for seamless messaging across Africa and beyond.

Thank you so much.

Goodness and Damilola

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