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Sendchamp partner, aggregator or reseller program

This post highlights the details of the partner program, how it works, how to apply and frequently asked questions.

Sendchamp partner, aggregator or reseller program
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Our goal at Sendchamp is to ensure businesses like yours keep on making more profits off clients you already have. This is why we provide the best communication tools that ensure your customers can use the power of multi-channel messaging to support and retain their customers.

Going forward, We want Software Agencies, Digital Agencies, Resellers or reseller Platforms, Independent Developers with clients to share from every message processed on Sendchamp. This is the core reason we created the Partner program to make it a reality.

In the program, you get to:
1. Make money on every message sent through Sendchamp
2. Access to our customer base looking for technology partners to work with.
3. Easy access to sales, engineering, and support teams at Sendchamp
4. Access to resources/sessions on Sales, Engineering, and Growth from Industry leaders

To become one of our partners, click here.

As we keep growing and building, more updates will be made to this program to ensure Partners get the best out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start the Partner Program?
This program was purpose-built to enable our partners to solve their customers’ communication needs by leveraging our unique combination of unified communications solutions and embedded communications APIs.

How can I get started?
To sign up for the Partner program, click here.

Is there any requirement to be a partner?
The only requirement is to have a business and have customers you currently service that are ready to use the solution.

When do I start earning?
You get the basic discount we give partners when you join the program but when you cross 50k messages monthly you become one of our premium partners and earn more.

Does my business get more discounts as transactions increase?
Yes. once you cross the 50,000 messages monthly benchmark you start and keep getting better discounts

What other perks do you have?

You can learn about our startup program here

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