Introducing Sendchamp Startup Program

This post highlights the reason we started the program, how it works, perks, how to apply and frequently asked questions
Sendchamp Startup program

This post highlights the reason we started the program, how it works, perks, how to apply and frequently asked questions

Running a startup is hard! About 80% of Startups fail [Investopedia] and with several reasons being the cause of Startup failure, communicating and notifying customers is a major one. We believe that when Startups can acquire and retain their customers where they are and in time, we reduce the chances of failure and that is why we are introducing Sendchamp’s Startup program partnering with over 10 VCs, Communities and Accelerators like On Deck, HOAQ CLub, DFSLAB, GAN to mention but a few.

The goal of this program is to introduce startups with little or no funding to the opportunity of reaching their customers with no restrictions. Why limit communication with your customers to one channel when your customers are not accessible there? 

From the start of your startup to Unicorn, Sendchamp wants to expose your business to the power of omnichannel communication and how it can help reduce your CAC (Cost of Customer Acquisition)  over LTV (Lifetime Value of A customer).

In this program, you get to:

  • Access free credits up to $500 upon signing up.
  • Access to over $200k in credits from some of our Partners.
  • Access to our investor database and our community.
  • Access to resources/sessions on Sales, Engineering, and Growth from Industry leaders.

Startups that are associated with affiliated partners (VCs, Accelerators or Perks Communities) in the form here can apply to receive Sendchamp free credits. If you don’t see your VC, Accelerator, or Incubator on our partner list, nominate them to join the program while filling the form here

Step 1: Apply for free credits [up to $500] here

Step 2: You receive email on claiming your free credits

NB: Please note that different Accelerators have different deals for Startups in your community.

What do you get access to as a Startup when you use Sendchamp?

  • You get to send messages to your customers across different messaging channels like  SMS, Voice, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Instagram, twitter and so on.
  • You also get access to our CRM Tool, Bodsquare that allows you connect all your support channels and send marketing campaigns on mobile and on the web.
  • You also get insights to all your conversations and messages.

Some Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How can I access the Sendchamp Startup Program?

You can Apply for Sendchamp free credits [up to $500] here for your Startup.

Which product do I have access to in the program?

We have a wide range of Multi-channels Communication APIs and Customer Relationship Platform that you can access via Sendchamp & Bodsquare  but credits is limited to Sendchamp product.

Must I have raised Startup Capital before applying?

No. We are targeting startups with little or no capital raised. Let’s get your startup to the next milestone.

How will the credits be given?

As you go live , the credits will be added to your wallet.

Who qualifies for the program?

Any Startup with little or no funding but must be new customers of Sendchamp .

How do I add my VC/Syndicate/Accelerator/Incubator has part of the program?

You can send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you next steps.

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