How Wirepay Uses Sendchamp to Achieve High SMS Delivery Rate at Affordable Pricing

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·Apr 26, 2022·

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How Wirepay Uses Sendchamp to Achieve High SMS Delivery Rate at Affordable Pricing

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For a FinTech company that launched earlier this year, 2022, and already caters to over 30K+ customers in over 20 African countries, one would agree that the volume of transactions is high. And with a high transaction volume comes a high volume of SMS messages required to notify customers on the status of their transactions.

About Wirepay

Wirepay facilitates transactions across Africa including sending money, receiving money and paying bills in over 20 African countries. The company also offers virtual dollar cards for online shopping.

Since Wirepay understood that SMS messages are critical to its growing business, it needed a reliable solution that would get its messages across to customers at a reasonable price.

The Challenge

With their previous providers, Wirepay was unable to get SMS messages delivered to its Nigerian customers. This posed a big hurdle as customers would be privy to the status of their financial transactions. To overcome this, they patronized other providers but were faced with yet another challenge; these providers were too expensive to use.

Prior to Sendchamp, we found it difficult delivering sms to Nigeria and so we settled for other providers which were way more expensive.

Miracle Anyanwu, Co-founder of Wirepay

Introducing Sendchamp

Wirepay approached Sendchamp for a way out. Our SMS messaging solution helped the company deliver SMS messages to its customers at a high rate and affordable price. The company has since been able to reach its Nigerian customers via SMS in addition to customers in Cameroon and Kenya.

One problem that Sendchamp helped fix for us is SMS deliverability. With Sendchamp, we've been able to achieve a very high delivery rate + cheaper pricing.

Miracle Anyanwu, Co-founder of Wirepay

Created for African businesses, Sendchamp will continue to foster seamless communication between businesses and customers.

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