How Bumpa solved the Communication problem for over 25,000 Merchants with Sendchamp

How Bumpa solved the Communication problem for over 25,000 Merchants with Sendchamp

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·Feb 14, 2022·

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Bumpa is a smart tool for businesses in Africa to manage their business online and offline. Bumpa is solving a key problem that affects the operations of SMBs in Africa. Over 25,000 SMBs are able to create their business website, sell products, receive payments, track orders and manage their customers on Bumpa.

The Goal of Bumpa is to create a complete business suite for SMEs in Africa. This involves being the one solution that helps business owners from the point of starting the business, going digital with a business website, managing inventory, making sales, receiving payment, fulfilling orders and engaging customers.

The Challenge

With a huge percentage of businesses using Bumpa to sell their products, track their orders and fulfill orders, reaching and engaging customers of these businesses that have carried out at least a transaction and new customers became a tough problem that needed to be solved. Business owners needed to inform their customers of new products, remind customers of existing debt, keep in touch & ask for feedback.

Powering messaging through multiple channels with Sendchamp

After a long search and hectic onboarding process of using other providers to power their messaging, Bumpa turned to Sendchamp for a more seamless and less cumbersome solution. Thanks to seamless integration, Bumpa was able to deliver effective SMS and Whatsapp channels to their customers in no time.

Outcome/Impact On Customers

Now, business owners on Bumpa can send messages via messaging channels of their choice to the right customers and at the right time.

“Sendchamp has allowed us at Bumpa to craft a nexus between the power of commerce with the numerous opportunities in messaging. We are together creating a novel commerce experience for both buyers and sellers.” - Adetunji Opayele, CTO, Bumpa

Sendchamp is the simplest multi-channel messaging platform for businesses in Africa to reach their customers in a more seamless way.

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