How Baxi Uses Sendchamp to Accelerate Customer Verification and Onboarding

How Baxi Uses Sendchamp to Accelerate Customer Verification and Onboarding

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·May 10, 2022·

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Businesses like Baxi leverage verification methods like multi-factor authentication (OTP) to ensure that information provided by customers are genuine.

Baxi is a digital payments solution that offers a range of services to businesses and individuals. This includes managing inventory, collecting payments, paying bills like electricity, airtime, data and cable subscription. The company boasts of a wide network of agents and distributors who are responsible for taking its financial offerings to the last mile. To verify its large network of agents and customers, it's important that the verification process is seamless.

The Challenge.

Before implementing Sendchamp, Baxi used a host of solutions that required a cumbersome verification process to send OTPs via SMS. This involved providing numerous corporate documents amongst other bottlenecks.

Baxi needed a solution that takes out the hassle of a burdensome verification process for DND messages and one with a faster SMS delivery rate.

Introducing Sendchamp.

Sendchamp was the go-to for a stress-free verification process. Since we offer a self-serve solution, Baxi simply needed to sign up as a business; and with a smooth onboarding process that acquaints users with every feature on the dashboard, Baxi was able to begin sending OTP SMS messages in no time.

“Onboarding with Sendchamp was straightforward, coupled with their delivery rate. Apart from these, their support team is always ready to assist at any time.”

Deborah Offor, Product Manager at Baxi

A Favorable Result

Since using Sendchamp, Baxi has experienced a faster SMS delivery rate combined with a burdenless verification. No more paperwork, no more cumbersome verification, and faster onboarding.

Start sending OTPs in a breeze

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